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Addo Early


A branch mutation of a Palmer navel discovered in the Addo region of Sundays River Valley during 2002. Addo Early has remained stable in small trial blocks planted alongside 4 other Early Navels. managed by CGACC – PBR pending.




An earlier maturing navel that matures internally in Addo area in late April to mid May. Fruit shape is similar to Palmer and the tree is similar in growth, shape and yield to Washington and Palmer navel selections. It has been evaluated since 2008 by the CRI.


Fruit are medium large and navel ends are small to closed. Fruit shape is round and rinds are smooth. The shape and closed navel ends make it superior to Fukumoto which ripens around the same time. The fruit rind develops a deep uniform orange colour at maturity. the rind colours 2 weeks earlier than Navel Lina and Newhall in the Addo area, however the internal quality development is similar to Lina and Newhall. At ripening the rind colour is a deeper Orange than Fukumoto, The flavour is good and initial tests indicate peak maturity to be late April to early May. A large navel, fruit size ranges from 56-64. Young trees bear well and fruit hangs well on the tree. The Addo Early has not yet been released commercially in SA but some growers have planted semi comercial plantings, based on the early data available. Budwood is becoming available at time of writing, Nov 2017.


Carrizo and Swingle Citrumelo are suggested. The Carrizo will induce earlier maturity than Swingle. No Known incompatibilities have been observed.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2014-04-15E HewsonNEH5649.
2014-05-07E HewsonNEH5649.
2014-05-19E HewsonNEH5652100.8811.4T1

Count Distribution
To date the Addo Early appears to be a good bearer, comparable to Washington and Lina Navel. Fruit is generally large and clean with little navel split allowing for good pack-outs.
Note: These data are from 6 year old daughter trees from the original mutation branch in Addo area of Sundays River. The first fruit from clean plant material is expected in 2017. In the first year of packing fruit from the trial site at SRCC, a 90% pack out was achieved