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De Wet 1 (EDP-1) (5022)


The De Wet is a navel tree mutation discovered in an orchard on a farm in the Andrieskraal region, Gamtoos River. It is managed by CGACC




A mid to late maturing navel with good internal quality. Firm, round and a very good external appearance. Maturity is late June in the Gamtoos river valley and in the last 2 seasons is slightly earlier than the Palmer navel at peak maturity, however in the first production year it was slightly later than Palmer. This selection was originally thought to be a Valencia due to the fact that navel ends are closed. On cutting however a small navel, (shown in the pictures below), is evident and the flesh and flavour and characteristics prove it to be a navel.


The tree is similar in growth, vigour, shape and yield to Washington navel. Fruit size is very uniform and peaks in a narrow range around count 64. Fruit hangs well on the tree and Brix levels, are good, (12.0 to 13.0), the closed navels are an advantage against Mealy bug and Alternaria and require no 24D spray treatments. Fruit waste is consistently lower than Palmer Navel in neighbouring orchard which was planted the same day. The cultivar is through Shoot tip grafting and although not yet released commercially in SA the closed navel end could be good options to Mealy bug sensitive countries in the Far East. Hitchhiker pests will also be a reduced problem for sensitive countries like the US. Packouts are very good due to the lack of navel end spli, alternaria and attraction for FCM etc.


Carrizo and Swingle Citrumelo are suggested. RL is suggested on Virgin soils but the Citrange options will induce overall later maturity and higher internal quality.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2014-06-25E Du PreezEDP565111.10.8612.963
2014-06-25E Du PreezEDP5653.111.30.87132
2014-06-25E Du PreezEDP5653.111.30.87132

Count Distribution
66 Kg / tree and 43 tons per Hectare at 666 trees per Hectare currently
Note: These data are from 6 year old trees in Andrieskraal region of Gamtoos River of East Cape.