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McClean Seedless Valencia


The McClean Seedless Valencia (VMC-SL) is an almost entirely seedless natural mutation of the nucellar McClean Valencia discovered at Swaziland Irrigation Scheme (SIS, later IYSIS then Swazican) in northern Swaziland. Due to the seedlessness and good fruit size this selection was planted on a semi commercial scale at IYSIS. The McClean-SL was given to the citrus industry by Swazican and is managed by (CGACC).


Commercial Release


The McClean-SL is a mid-maturing, Valencia that hangs well because of the firmness and high internal quality. It can therefore be hung into the medium to Late Valencia window. McClean-SL has good size and production in comparison with Olinda. The tree is similar in growth and shape to other Valencia’s such as Old Clone. In the Litsetele and Hectorspruit areas fruit matures in mid to late July, which makes it a mid to late maturing Valencia. In warm areas such as Litsetele and Hoedspruit maturity is end July to end August.


Fruit size is a uniform medium to medium large (70 to 80 mm - counts 56 to 88), rinds are smooth, fruit shape is round to slightly elongated. The McClean-SL Hangs well which improves external appearance and colour giving a deep orange rind at full maturity. McClean-SL fruit peel fairly easily and rind oil is low. Internal flesh colour is orange and flesh texture is softer than most other Valencias.


Rootstocks inducing high Brix, acceptable acid levels and ratios are advised. VMC-SL is compatible with available rootstocks including, Rough Lemon, Citranges and Swingle. Recent trials in combination with McLean SL have shown C35 to be the highest internal quality rootstock as well as good size range from 48-88. C35 was 3rd highest production behind X639 and Swingle. However both Swingle and X639 bore unacceptably high % count 125, while Carisso remained middle of the 7 rootstocks trialled on Quality, size and production.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour

Count Distribution
Many totally seedless selections have fruit set problems and bear less fruit, but this is not the case with this cultivar. McClean Seedless produces well for a seedless Valencia and it crops on average, on favourable rootstocks, 65tons/Ha
The standard McClean will be included in future trials as a control to compare the SL selection’s performance. McClean SL produced fairly round fruit with soft fibre strength that peeled easily, containing low rind oil levels. All the fruit evaluated was completely seedless this year, 2013. The fruit size peaked at medium to large (count 72-40).The internal quality was good with juice levels of 60%, Brix above 10 and acceptable acid levels (above 1.0%). Based on the internal quality results in Table maturity was mid to end July.