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Powell Summer Navel


A tree mutation discovered in 1986 in Curlwaa, Australia on the property of Neil Powell.


Commercial Release


An excellent high quality and highly productive late maturing navel with very good external appearance. In the East Cape citrus areas fruit matures mid July to early August in the EC midlands. In South Africa six late maturing navel selections from Australia have been tested and to date the Powell has consistently performed in the top percentile with other Late selections. This high quality navel selection could therefore help to extend the navel season although plantings have not been excessive.


The tree is similar in growth, shape and yield to other navel selections. Vigour is also similar to normal navels. Fruit size is a fairly uniform medium large. Navel ends are small. Fruit shape is round similar to average navel selections. The fruit rind develops a deep orange colour at maturity. Peelability and rind oil are reasonable and similar to most other Navel selections. Internal flesh colour is orange, and flesh texture is tender like other navels. The flavour is excellent with high sugars, acid levels and a ratio of 10:1 early in July. Fruit size ranges from 75 to 85 mm with normal crops.


Suggested rootstocks are Swingle citrumelo and Carrizo/Troyer citrange, depending on soil type and whether plantings are on new or replant ground. Rootstocks inducing lower sugars and acid levels are not advised.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour

Count Distribution
Yields of 50 to 60 tonnes per hectare are normal for mature orchards. Young trees bear well.
The Powell does not require crop manipulation and it is not susceptible to any pests and/or diseases other than those common to other navel selections. Harvest, packing and shipping requirements as well as post harvest disorders are as for other navels.