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Tanorlate Mandarin


The Tanor is a Mandarin Hybrid discovered from a triploid breeding project in the late 1990s on a farm in the Visalia area, Central Valley California, USA. PBR ZA 20176318 in SA has been awarded. Managed by CGACC.




The Tanor is a seedless mandarin hybrid maturing in late Mid September in the Eastern Cape Midlands, (Cold area). About 3 weeks later than mainstream Late Mandarins. Fruit size is large which makes it suitable for Chinese and Far Eastern markets. Fruit shape is oblate to round; rinds are smooth and develop a deep orange colour at maturity. It is easily peeled and the flesh is deep orange, soft and tender and flavour and appearance are excellent. Tanor is a triploid, therefore seedless and unlikely that it will pollinate adjacent mandarin orchards.


Internal quality has been excellent with 15-16 brix being achieved in 6th year. 3 year trees in Kat River achieved 15 brix in 2019. It is firm but peels easier than Nova with little oil from the rind while peeling. The 6 year old trees are compact with good - fair production most years. Fruit is large, seedless and has high internal quality. The tree is vigorous and thorny when juvenile with rough peel and peaks1xx-1xxx. but size and quality improves as the tree matures to 1xx. Tree shape is initially vertical, but by year 5-6 grows into a rounder shape, similar to Satsuma trees. Alternate bearing: In the first semi commercial plantings 2 year old top works bore a heavy crop in 2017 but have had an off year in 2018. Trials are being carried out to evaluate effective manipulation, as with other late mandarins. No susceptibility to alternaria has been observed.


To date this selection has only been grown on high quality inducing rootstocks such as Carriso and Swingle and internal quality has been excellent. Therefore Citrange and Swingle citrumello are reccomended at present. Trials are being planted on X639 to see if a smaller calibre fruit can be achieved.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2013/08/15Kat RiverTanorlate1x52121.110T2-3
2013/08/29Kat RiverTanorlate1x54.613.31.0612.5T1

Count Distribution
To date production appeared stable from a 6 year old trial of 5 trees, unfortunately this trial was removed and new trials have been established, but the results are from a small trial with only 3 years evaluation data. The first year crop on a two year top work produced a heavy crop 2017, however the follow up crop is down significantly showing that like other Mandarins, crop needs to be manipulated to prevent an alternate bearing cycle. Trials are currently being carried out on various methods of manipulation. These will be up dated onto the Data sheet as results are evaluated.
The Tanor late Mandarin appears to be a good candidate for Far Eastern & Chinese markets due to the high internal quality and large firm size. Being seedless and very high internal quality the smaller counts will meet with EU requirements as well. The Tanor is still at a semi commercial stage with further evaluation required on post harvest and market trials. Buds are available, but semi commercial plantings are advised due to the continuing evaluation of the cultivar in experimental phase budwood has been released. For Growers interested in semi commercial plantings, the royalty fees set out in the application link, but this may change in due course based on the owners requirements.