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Clemensoon PT7802 is a spontaneous mutation of Oronules discovered in Spain in Algimia D'Alfara (Valencia), where it was originally known as Prenules.




An ultra early Clementine, that can be harvested from early September until the end of October in Spain with early Satsuma. This is expected to be mid March week 11-12 in early ripening areas in SA. Clemensoon is a productive Clementine, with heavy fruit set which will require fruit thinning. Clemensoon has dark orange rind that is easily peeled, making it a very attractive fruit. Juice percentage, good internal quality and soft rag make it a good eating Clementine.


The Clemensoon tree is compact, and has no thorns, and leaves are dark and narrow. Like Oronules and other early mutations, Clemensoon is incompatible with trifoliate rootstocks which will cause multisprouting at the bud union if not budded to a sweet orange interstock like Valencia. Pollen viability is high. The variety is parthenocarpic and self-incompatible therefore seedless if planted in isolation. The variety reaches internal maturity about three days before ClemenrubĂ­ and 3 weeks before Oronules. Due to its low vigor, it must be top grafted on very vigorous rootstock preferable on a sweet orange interstock of Valencia or, if top worked in the field, the trees must be very healthy and vigorous. The trunk should be protected from sunlight to minimize the development of multi sprouting at bud union.The fruit is sensitive to sunburn like Satsuma, from strong sunshine during heatwaves at the beginning of the season.


As above. Clemensoon, like Oronules and its mutations is incompatible to trifoliate rottstocks. Therefore it is required that Clemensoon is only budded to an interstock of a vigorous sweet Orange such as Valencia.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2021/03/25EC MidlandsClemensoon2nanananana

Count Distribution
If budded to an interstock, fruit set is heavy therefore thinning is required to avoid heavy crops of small calibre fruit. Normal Dichlorprop-P spray practices in SA are reccomended. Clemensoon is estimated in Spain to achieve 60-80Kg's per tree in optimum conditions, if budded to interstock and if fruit is correctly thinned and pruned. The first fruit in South Africa will bear in the 2021 season, as a result there are no size distribution data or internal juice tests to date.
Clemensoon as the earliest ripening Clementine is a variety that provides a solution to growers who are looking at an alternative to Satsuma's at the beginning of the Soft Citrus season. Quality of Clemensoon is typical of Clementine quality and undoubtedly superior to Satsuma. However it is a cultivar requiring careful management as per the reccomendations of budding to a valencia orange interstock which must be adhered to. Like Satsuma Mihowase, it must also be remembered that sunburn during the early season must be managed, e.g. spraying sunscreen spray treatments in hot dry weather. Like Satsuma, Fruit fly damage must be carefully controlled due to higher fruit fly incedence in late summer autumn weather conditions at the beginning of the season.