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ABSL Valencia


The AB Seedless Valencia (code, ABSLV) is a seedless tree of unknown origin discovered on a farm in the Kirkwood region of Sundays River Valley (SRV). An orchard of 35 year old trees was discovered during 2009 by the owner, Willem Bouwer, and fruit on all the trees in this orchard were seedless. It is managed by CGACC




Fruit shape is round to slightly elongated and fruit rind colour is a deep orange at maturity. The tree is similar in growth and shape to other Valencia’s. Due to the seedlessness and unique quality of this selection it was included in the local mutation programme for STG.


The ABSLV is slightly later maturing than the Delta with very good internal quality (Brix 11.0 to 12.0) and external appearance. In the Kirkwood region fruit matures in late July to mid-August (ratio 9.0 to 11.0), which makes it a mid to mid/late maturing Valencia. In hot areas maturity will probably be late June to mid-July. Production is good and this selection could be a promising addition to the new range of seedless Valencia selections available in SA. Fruit size is a uniform medium to medium large (70 to 80 mm - counts 56 to 88), rinds are smooth, ABSLV fruit peel fairly easily and rind oil is low. The seedlessness of ABSLV did not appear to affect yields on healthy trees.


Carrizo and Swingle Citrumelo are suggested. RL is suggested on Virgin soils but the Citrange options will induce overall later maturity and higher internal quality.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2012-06-05W BouwerABSL Val.565111.10.8612.963
2012-06-05W BouwerABSL Val.5653.111.30.9713.02

Count Distribution
66 Kg / tree and 43 tons per Hectare at 666 trees per Hectare.
Note: These data are from 5 year old trees in Andrieskraal region of Gamtoos River of East Cape, 2012/2012 seasons.