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St Andre


St Andre, (HEM), Four year old tree discovered in a Murcott x Clementine (Furr, Clemcott) orchard on the farm of H. Ehlers, Kirkwood area, Sundays River Valley (SRV), discovered 2006. A Protected variety, PBR pending. CGACC assigned management rights by owner, Mr. H.Ehlers. The origin is still being established and therefore is not for sale.




Seedless when planted in separate blocks from pollinators. Maturing mid-June at end of the Nova season in Kirkwood area.


Tree approximately 25% smaller than Clemcott. Fruit size medium (55 to 72mm – counts 3 to 1), smaller than Clemcott and suitable for the EU markets. Fruit shape round to slightly flat, rinds slightly more pebbly than Nova, ripening to a deep orange/red colour. Peelability similar to Clementine selections when mature, flesh is deep orange. Internal is soft and tender. Flavour and appearance is excellent.


Citrange rootstocks inducing high Brix, acceptable acid levels and ratios are advised.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2012-05-20E EhlersSt Andre25312.80.9313.72
2012-06-04E EhlersSt Andre261.5130.9614.61

Count Distribution
% 8243417152
insufficient data
The St Andre is similar size to Nova but the mother tree fruit appears to be later, rounder and darker colour than Nova, The rind of St Andre appears more pebbly and thicker than Nova