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Florida C4-15-19


University of Florida CREC breeding programme. Inventor Jude Grosser. An interploid cross (conventional breeding) of Sugar Belle® (patented as ‘LB8-9’, U.S. Plant Pat. No. 21,356) mandarin hybrid with a somatic hybrid of [‘Nova’ mandarin hybrid+ ‘Succari’ sweet orange]




Trees of Florida C4-15-19 are productive, producing an attractive peelable Clementine like fruit with robust sweet flavour, maturing in October/November under Florida conditions, (SA Conditions: Late April (expected). Fruit size is Clementine like, medium, and quite uniform. Florida ‘C4-15-19’ produces a unique seedless fruit and is an improvement on both parents in terms of Seedlessness, flavour and peelability.


‘C4-15-19’ produces a ‘Clementine’-sized, seedless, easily peelable fruit with high brix and a pleasant flavour, brix is reported to be between 14-15 in Florida. Fruit colours up well even under typical Florida weather conditions. It is expected that C4-15-19 will colour even better in the cooler Western and Eastern Cape and cool inland Northern areas of Senwes/Burgersfort. In Florida, initiation of peel removal is easy, and the fruit is generally easy peeling. In SA Conditions first fruit picked on 22nd April 2020, were easier to peel than Nova and similar to Clementine. The first fruit in South Africa, ripened 2 weeks before Nova at the same trial site in the East Cape Midlands. Fruit picked in SA East Cape Midlands (late area) on 22nd April from a 2 year old top work at colour plate 3, degreened well. This was 2 weeks before Nova trees alongside reached colour plate 3


Carrizo is the only rootstock trialed in SA to date. Trifoliate rootstocks are reccomended, however Swingle may induce later ripening and excessive growth which is not reccomended on this cultivar. The first top works of Florida C4-15-19 in the East Cape midlands are vigorous and fast growing. It appears the trees will become very big and as a result dwarfing rootstocks such as C35 and Sunki Benecke could be considered as well due to their early ripening. Rough Lemon is not reccomended.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour

Count Distribution
The first production evaluation in South Africa will be made in the 2021 season. From evaluations in Florida before trial sites were destroyed by HLB, the C4-15-19 gave good crops annually. This data will be updated annually. Juice internals and Size distribution will only be evaluated from 2021 when trial site trees reach 3 years of age. as stated in Characteristics. Size in Florida is similar to Nova and Clementine.
The Florida C4-15-19 has several characterisitics that give it the potential to be an improvement on the Nova and an earlier Clementine. These are: Seedlessness, this is a problem with both Nova and Clementine where it is either pollinated by other mandarins or pollinates other mandarins, this has very important financial saving options due to not having to put up net structures. Florida C4-15-19 peels like a Clementine, this makes it a potential improvement on Nova that has limited EU/UK marketing value due to difficult peeling. C4-15-19 has good colour and flavour in Florida trials. The cool Soft Citrus growing areas of South Africa are expected to give even better colour and internal quality than Florida, which is traditionally a Grape-fruit and Valencia growing area.