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Suitangi Late Navel


The Suitangi is a Late Navel mutation discovered in an orchard in the Patensie area, Gamtoos River Valley (GRV) during 2006. The owners are CRT and it is managed by CGACC – PBR pending.




It is one of the many navel mutations to be found in the GRV. An ultra late maturing superior quality navel selection that matures in Patensie area, (GRV), mid August to early September on rough lemon (RL) rootstock. The tree is similar in growth, vigour, shape and yield to other Late navel selections. Flavour is very good to excellent with high Brix even on RL.


Fruit hangs well on the tree and Brix levels, which are already high ( up to14.0 ) even on RL. On rootstocks inducing higher Brix and acid quality will be improved and fruit maturity will be delayed a further 2 to 3 weeks. Fruit size is medium to medium large on the mother tree, (70 to 85mm – Counts 88 to 56), navel ends are small to closed. Fruit shape is round and rinds are smooth and develop deep orange colour at maturity.


Suitangi should be planted on Carrizo Citrange or Swingle Citrumelo rootstock to increase Brix, acid levels and produce later maturing fruit.
Evaluation Data
Evaluation Images Internal Quality
DateRegionSelectionCountJuice %BrixAcidRatioColour
2012-08-08I FerrieraSuitangi6454.814.2114.2T1-2
2012-08-12I FerrieraSuitangi6457.614.40.9615T1-2
2012-09-12I FerrieraSuitangi6455.214.40.9515.1T1-2

Count Distribution
Insufficient data from daughter trees at this stage, however Mother tree appears to bear much the same as lane Late and other Late Navels.
Production to date has been good considering the mother tree being old and on Rough Lemon. The Suitangi is a very promising selection that should fill the gap between Cambria and the ultra late navel Carninka. Fruit hangs well on the tree.